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Hi 👋 My name is Bhaskar

Hacker | Developer | Trader | Entrepreneur

I’ve been learning for years, because of the intrest in computers I’ve turned into a free lance developer.

  • 🌍 I’m based in India
  • 🖥️ See my portfolio at Blog
  • ✉️ You can contact me at bhaskarvilles@duck.com
  • 🚀 I’m currently working on Hyperledger
  • 🧠 I’m learning Linux and Blockchain Technologies, AI and Cryptography.
  • 🤝 I’m open to collaborating on Any Blockchain and Web 3 Technologies
  • ⚡ Ambitious, Optimistic and Capitalist


C C++ C# Go Dart Java Javascript Perl PHP Python Ruby Rust Swift Typescript HTML5 React NextJs Angular JQuery CSS3 Bootstrap Material UI NodeJS Express Fast API GraphQL Oracle NestJS MongoDB MySQL PostgreSQL Firebase .NET Django Flutter Photoshop Illustrator Premiere Pro Figma Uniswap AAVE Sushiswap MetaMask Argent Chainlink The Graph Truffle Web3Js IPFS Filebase Arweave Ethereum Polygon Near Solana Terra



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